• Community Events

    Run & BREAKFAST! Trail run ~ 5 miles.
    4-19-14 7:45 am
    Turnbull Trails Roadrunners

    Bring a clean dry race shirt to change into, and we will go out to breakfast after. Location TBA. BRING $$ - you can't get breakfast on your good looks alone!...

    A Walk into the Native American World
    4-19-14 9:00 am - Hacienda Hills Trailhead
    Puente Hills Preserve Hikers

    Come out the Hacienda Hills for the fabulous views and fresh Spring air. Get your weekend workout on this moderately strenuous hike. Discover how local Native Americans have used the natural resources of their environment for thousands of years to...

    Corporate Overview: Ultimate Business Platform
    4-23-14 7:00 pm - El Monte Office
    Wealth Producers Group

    The global financial crisis has caused enormous economic distress for millions of families. Most families have lost significant portions of life saving due to global financial crisis...  I remember that my friend was in tears because she lost 50%...

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    Welcome to my web site

    We covered tracking numbers, service areas, listings, lender co-marketing, and reviews (set goal of 5 for first month). We also covered contacts; drip campaigns, forwarding and contact conversion strategies. Howard registered a domain name and we set up IDX during our call.

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